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Tiger Rêsi Statuette with Magical Yantra Scroll and Tiger Fur


This statuette is made and consecrated by the Buddhist monk Luang Por Samang, the abbot of Wat Bang Phra. On the base of the statuette, there are sacred characters handwritten by Luang Por Samang himself. There is also a tiny metal scroll with yantras inscribed on it and a piece of tiger fur inserted in ...

Sīvalī Thera Amulet with Magical Turtle Yantra for Long Livity and Good Health


This amulet was made and consecrated by the Buddhist monk Luang Pu Kasem in 2002. The front side of this amulet features Sīvalī Thera wandering through the forest (an ascetic practice, also known as 'tudong'). He is carrying with him the requisites of a forest monk: an umbrella, a monk's bag and an alms bowl. ...

Kul Buntet – Magical Sea Shell for Increasing Wealth and Riches


These Kul Buntet shells come from West Java, though they can be found in Thailand, too. Kul Buntet shells can be used as a talisman to attract riches. The shells are usually being stored (per pair or per piece) in a small bag or wrapped in a piece of cloth. Once a week (preferably in ...