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Talismanic Rencong Dagger featuring Sacred Brass Blade with Islamic Spells for Protection and Power against Evil


The rencong is a traditional Indonesian weapon in the form of a dagger. It is the weapon of choice among the inhabitants of the island of Aceh. During the Aceh war (1873–1904 CE) the people of Aceh fought a heavy battle against the Dutch who attempted to colonize the island and its people in order ...

Traditional Family Pusaka Heirloom Set of 2 Rencong Daggers from Aceh


The two rencong daggers in this pusakaheirloom set are a perfect example of the rencongs made in the early twentieth century; one is made from high quality brass and has a traditional cugek hilt, whereas the other is made from high quality steel and has a sawed-off but finely polished pudoi hilt. The hilt (ulee ...