Sacred Sīvalī Śarīra Dhātu Elemental Relic radiating Blessings of Physical and Spiritual Protection, Grace, and Prosperity


Buddhist relics (śarīra) of enlightened masters (arahant) and saints, such as Sīvalī Thera, are considered by the followers of the Buddha to be the most sacred and powerful amulets. After cremation of saint’s physical body there remain several small ball-shaped objects among the ashes of the corpse. These so-called dhātu elementals are believed to be proof of the monk’s realization of enlightenment. As such, the cremated remains of a holy person serve as a potent amulet to instill faith in spiritual practice, for it shows us that attainment of the highest goal (i.e., nirvāṇa/nibbāna; mokṣa) is within our reach.

Phra Sivali Taat Relic

As ritual items of veneration, the relics should ideally be enshrined in a stupa or placed in a clean box on a home shrine or altar. When the amulet is kept in a special place of worship, then that blessed space (and everyone in it) will be safe from harm. This means that the sacred Sīvalī śarīra dhātu relic radiates blessings of physical and spiritual protection, grace, mercy, and prosperity. Indeed, Phra Sivali, as Sīvalī Thera is called in Thailand, embodies the Buddha’s mind of awakening, bringing not just worldly success, but more importantly, also spiritual triumph.

Thai Buddhist Saint Relic Stone

Mantra for Sacred Sīvalī Śarīra Dhātu Relic

Ahaṃ Vantāmi Sīvalīdhātuya

Ahaṃ Vantāmi Sirasāsabbadā

Sacred Dhatu Elemental Stone Relic Amulet

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