Mantra to Avoid Getting Pulled Over by the Police

If suddenly one is urged to be present at a particular place as quickly as possible, chances are that some things will be easily overlooked. Anything can happen when a person is in a rush to get somewhere on time. This is especially true in case of an emergency; i.e. a friend or relative is in critical condition at the hospital, or when one is running late for someone’s funeral, or in case one is in a hurry to be on time to attend someone’s wedding, etc. In such situation it is all too easy to forget to bring all the official papers such as one’s driving license and ID card, for example. Hence, in order to avoid getting pulled over by the police, one can chant the following mantra.

Ta’azzaztu birabbil-izzati wal jabaruut,
Watawakkaltu ‘alal-hayyil-ladzii laa yamuutu,

Syaahatil-wujuuhu (3x)
Wa’amatil-abshhaaru (3x)

Tawakkaltu ‘alal-wajhil-qahhaari walaa hawla,
Walaa quwwata illaa billaahil-‘aliyyil-‘azhiim.

Mantra to Avoid Getting Pulled Over by the Police

The mantra should be recited three times. Next, take a big breath in and then blow it out in the direction of the police officer(s) blocking your way.

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