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Mantra Sarining Wulan

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The following mantra can be used as a love charm:

Ingsun amatak ajiku sarining wulan,
sakehing nu padha asih lulut,
lungaku tinangisan tekaku kinasihan,
teka welas teka asih marang badhan sliraku,
aja maneh atine jabang bayi si … (name of the targeted person) ora asiha marang badhan sliraku.
Nadyan Gustimu Jeng Ratu Pagedhongan sawadyabalane padha asih marang aku,
ya aku si tunjung putih,
maniking sitaresmi kang dadi pupujanira.

Mantra Sarining Wulan

One should practice mutih and strict fasting for seven days and seven nights, starting from the day of Kemis Legi. The mantra should be chanted before going to bed, as well as before getting up again. In order to increase the effectiveness of the mantra one should recite the following when going to sleep: ayo padha turu; and when going to get up again: ayo padha tangi. These two additional phrases refer to the targeted person whose love and affection you wish to receive.

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