Mantra Panawaran

The following mantra can be used as an antidote (against poison):

Niyatingsun dhahar, rowaningsun tapa kang dhahar.
Niyatingsun sare, rowangingsun  tapa kang sare,
krana ingsun iki wus kawengku ing alam nasut,

Malaekat Jabarut yaiku kang dhahar,
kang sare jagade sahir kabir,
cahya mangan ras,
rasa mangan cahya,
cahya mulya,
rasa sampurna.

Mantra Panawaran

 One should practice mutih and nglowong for three days and three nights, starting from the day of Jumuah Pahing. This mantra should be chanted when going to eat, so that in case one suspects that the food might be poisoned by ill-willed people, one will be able to withstand the poison, and one may even become completely immune against it.

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