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Aji Semar Mesem

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The following mantra can be used to increase the power (effectiveness) of one’s own speech, so that one may acquire the things that one wishes for (through increase of one’s charisma):

Ingsun amatak ajiku si Semar mesem,
mut-mutaku inten,
cahyane manjing pilinganku kiwa tengen,
sing nyawang kegiwang,
apa maneh yen sing nyawang kang tumancep kumanthil ing telenging sanubariku,
ya iku si jabang bayi … (name of the targeted person) andulu badan sliraku.

Aji Semar Mesem

One should practice mutih for seven days and seven nights, and also continue to do strict fasting throughout the day and night, starting from the day of Selasa Kliwon. This mantra should be chanted before one is going to sleep (preferably approximately four hours a night).

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