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Aji Lung Jangga

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The following mantra can be used as a love charm, i.e. attract attention from the opposite sex (or more precisely: to enchant a girl):

Ingsun amatak ajiku si Lung Jangga,
manglung-manglung anoleh kekasihku,
dak tepungake pucuking wuluku puhun,
dak tepungake pucuking rambutku,
pucuking alisku,
pucuking idepku,
dak tepungake maniking mripatku,
telenging rasaku,
kumpul luluhing rasa,
nyawane nyawaku,
sukmane suksmaku,
badane badanku,
karepe karepku,
rasane rasaku,
teka welas teka sih si jabang bayi … (name of targeted person) andulu badan sliraku.

Aji Lung Jangga

One should practice mutih for seven days and seven nights, and also adhere to patigeni practice day and night, starting from the day of Kemis Wage. The mantra should be chanted every night when going to sleep; while reciting the words of the mantra one should visualize the targeted person in one’s mind through one-pointed concentration (ekāgata samādhi). The effects of this mantra are similar to those of Aji Pangasihan Jaran Goyang, which means it is very effective for increasing one’s charisma in the eyes of the opposite sex.

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