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Aji Bandung Bandawasa

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The following mantra can be used for protection in order to overcome one’s enemy:

Ingsun amatak ajiku Bandung Bandawasa,
kang mengkoni ratuning wesi,
kulitku tembaga,
dagingku waja,
ototku kawat,
balungku wesi,
bayuku rasa,
dengkulku paron,
heh ya aku Bandung Bandawasa ratuning karosan kabeh,
sarupaning gegaman tan ana tumama ing badanku.

Aji Bandung Bandawasa

One should practice nglowong for seven days and seven nights, starting from the day of Setu Kliwon. The mantra should be chanted when standing in front of one’s opponent (during a fight, or court case, etc.), or after the confrontation with one’s opponent has already occurred. The powers of this mantra are similar to those of Aji Brajamusti.

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