Yellow Wood Roots for Strenghtening the Body’s Immune System


The yellow wood roots come from a rare forest tree from Kalimantan, Indonesia. The roots of this special kind of tree have various healing powers that can be used as an alternative medicine, And indeed, the indigenous population of Kalimantan have been using it this way already for centuries. Its powerful efficacy makes it therefore perfect for using as an alternative treatment of ailments caused by food poisoning, liver problems, cancer and tumors, as well as malaria.

Each box consists of 14 yellow wood roots of 10 x 1.5 cm. These medicinal tree roots will make you feel fresh and fit, and boosts your body’s immune system. Hence, this traditional Indonesian medicine is suitable for daily use, which will help to maintain as well as to increase the body’s vitality and its stamina levels.

Instructions for Use

Take two teaspoons of yellow wood roots and boil it in hot water. Then filter the hot drink using a strain to separate it from the residue. Take 1-2 doses a day.

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