Yellow Copper Takrut Pendant with Holy Rock Crystals yielding Miraculous Effects


The tubular pendant is made from a sacred metal alloy containing mostly yellow copper that is extracted from various religious ornaments. Thus, by smelting the metal objects together this takrut amulet was forged and blessed by an ordained empu (smith). The mystical item serves as a small portable container or vessel which allows the wearer to carry it on one’s person.

Talismanic Scroll with Mineral Relics

Not only the talismanic scroll itself is deemed sacred, for it also contains some tiny but very special gems inside. They are a local variety of natural quartz minerals. According to indigenous Javanese shamans (dukun), these holy rock crystals yield miraculous effects for true believers. Hence, it is said, that, the magical quality of this talisman enables the wearer to find the means to improve his or her luck, love, and business, whilst also enjoying the benefit of protection against black magic as well as evasion from other sources of danger.

Amulet Pendant with Magical Crystal Relics

Mantra for Yellow Copper Takrut Pendant

Sariban Sari Muhammad

Sari Kuning Kebahagiaan Sejati

Ingsun Tunduk Batekuk

Suara Angin Menyatu

Jeruk Purut Senjata Awak

Karena Karomah Kalimah Allah Hu Allah.

Yellow Copper Takrut with Relics

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