Yasin Coin Amulet inhabited by a Powerful Khodam Spirit


The Yasin khodam coin is a very popular type of amulet among collectors of sacred Indo-Malayan occult charms and other indigenous talismans from Southeast Asia. This, of course, is not without reason, for it is considered a special type of amulet which is widely praised for its effective powers of magic. Beside the magical value, the Yasin khodam amulet also has considerable historical value, as it is made from a sacred metal mixture of ancient artifacts from the Riau-Lingga Malay Kingdom (1824–1911 CE).

Side view of Yasin Toyol Spirit Coin

The front face of the amulet features the image of a khodam spirit, i.e. a benevolent jinn. The celestial being is depicted in standing position, whilst in each hand he is holding a tombak spear in upright position. This particular khodam is the guardian spirit of Sūrat Yā Sīn, the thirty-sixth chapter of the Noble Qur’ān. This chapter is often also called ‘The Heart of the Qur’ān’, because it presents the essential teachings of Islam. It is believed that the faithful believer who recites Sūrat Yā Sīn with utmost sincerity is destined to meet the guardian spirit of this sacred text. Thereafter, the devout Muslim will be blessed with the mystical knowledge that enables him or her to call upon the khodam for guidance and protection.

Yasin Tuyul Spirit Amulet for Gambling and Lottery Winning

Furthermore, there are Arabic letterings embossed on the surface on both sides of the coin, which read the holy name of God (Allāh), the Prophet (Muḥammad) and the first four rulers (Abū Bakr, Umar, Uthmān and Alī) of the first Islamic Caliphate (Rāshidūn) founded after the prophet’s death. Thus, the Yasin khodam coin is a powerful Islamic amulet which contains multiple spells for different purposes. The inhabiting khodam spirit will offer the owner of the amulet spiritual guidance, and protection against evil forces, be they human or non-human (e.g. malevolent spirits and ghosts). In addition, the sacred brass talisman also underwent a consecration ritual performed by an Islamic dukun from Mojokerto in East Java. In this way, then, the dukun empowered the sacred brass coin with extra blessings for enhanced business success, and increased wealth and riches.

Yasin Toyol Coin close up

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