Wish-fulfilling Potion extracted from Various Sacred Ingredients


Indonesian occult potions are undoubtedly among the most popular amulets and talismans in the world today. Not in the least because traditional Indonesian shamans (dukun) are considered experts of occult practices, including the authentic production and ritual consecration methods of magical oils and potions. This wish-fulfilling potion, then, is made according ancient Indonesian mystical tradition, using proper methods to extract the oil from various sacred ingredients, like traditional healing herbs and ritual flower offerings.

Wish-fulfilling Potion

Although the magical oil itself has already extensively been endowed with ritual blessings, a further paper sheet with handwritten spells on it was added to maximize the effects of the potent powers imbued within the potion as a whole. The Islamic incantations featured on this small piece of paper are written in Arabic, using genuine saffron ink to transmit additional mystical properties onto the wish-fulfilling amulet. Thus, each of the occult bottles underwent individual empowerment performed by a Javanese expert in Islamic mysticism and ritual magic.

Wish-fulfilling Oil Bottle

It goes without saying that a liquid substance of this kind is believed to have extremely powerful mystical abilities. Hence, it is said, that a single drop of this particular oil is capable of making miracles happen. Indeed, the sacred potion can help you realize new possibilities, and ultimately fulfill your heartfelt wishes. For instance, the magical oil can be anointed on the eyebrows to increase one’s attraction, to boost one’s charisma, or to improve one’s social and professional skills and performance. In the same way, it is possible to anoint the potion for enhanced luck in games of chance such as gambling and lottery.

Wish-fulfilling Magical Oil Potion

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