Wild Boar’s Tooth for Optimal Kanuragan Invincibility and Kadigdayaan Invulnerablity


This wild boar’s tooth was found in the forest in Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is likely that the animal was killed by local people from a nearby village, who hunt the boar for its meat. In Southeast Asian cultures, including Indonesia, the wild boar is considered a dangerous forest animal. Although wild boars by nature are very shy of people, they certainly do not hesitate to attack a human being when the person enters their territory. Due to its fearsome character, Indonesians have great respect for the wild boar.

Wild Boar's Tooth for Optimal Kanuragan Invincibility and Kadigdayaan Invulnerability

Indonesians generally believe, that wearing a wild boar’s tooth will keep one safe from dangers. Also, it is said, that wild boars teeth induce fear in other animals. In this way, a wild boar’s tooth helps to keep dangerous animals at a safe distance when one is traveling through the dense forest.

Wild Boar's Tooth for Maximum Protection

Besides wild animals, the wild boar’s tooth also offers powerful protection against evil-minded and ill-willed people who are out to harm you and innocent people. In other words, the mystical powers inherent in the wild boar’s teeth serve as an aid to avoid any intentionally inflicted harm by backstabbers and one’s enemies in general.

Close up of a wild boar's tooth

For this reason, Indonesians ascribe kanuragan and kadigdayaan powers to the wild boar’s teeth, which are believed to possess magic qualities of invincibility and invulnerability. Hence, a wild boar’s tooth is a popular talisman among practitioners of traditional Indonesian martial arts (‘pencak silat’) and various styles of self-defense (kanuragan, debus, etc.), who use its magical powers for optimal protection and evasion of danger.

Indonesian Wild Boar's Tooth

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