Whole Goatskin Leather Amulet Blessed with Magical Qualities to Attract, Charm and Influence Others


Another exclusive masterpiece of authentic Indonesian occult tradition of the highest standard. Mystical objects like this large goatskin amulet are usually made in very few numbers due to the fact that they are handmade and individually empowered by the dukun himself. Since the dukun used the whole goatskin leather to make only one large amulet out of it, this is the only one available in the entire world. The extreme rarity of this handmade amulet also indicates its immense sacred value. Indeed, a powerful mystical item of this kind is therefore highly sought after by true occultists, practitioners of ritual magic, and those who walk the path of mysticism.

Whole Goatskin Leather Amulet

The genuine goatskin leather amulet can be considered a multifunctional device that can be used for several different purposes, depending on the individual’s personal beliefs and preferences. Various kinds of sacred incantations and magical spell inscriptions in Arabic were performed during the consecration ritual of the amulet. Thus, the dukun empowered the amulet with magical qualities in order to bestow blessings upon the owner so that s/he may be safe from danger (e.g. protection against black magic and people who want to harm you) and that s/he shall prosper in social and professional areas in life.

Whole Goatskin Leather with Handwritten Islamic Spells

This means that the power of the magical spells can increase one’s level of credibility and leadership, which open the doors to success. Furthermore, the goatskin amulet is imbued with mystical properties which will enhance one’s personal ability to attract, charm and influence the people around you. In this way, then, the owner of the amulet shall find him or herself to be loved by many friends and family members. Likewise, the amulet contains handwritten spell inscriptions in Arabic that help to build good ties with customers and co-workers. Beside business partnerships, the magical aspects can also be used to build a love relationship. Thus, this invaluable mystical object can very well be considered an all-in-one amulet.

Whole Goatskin Leather Piece with Arabic Magical Spells

<Photo below: The maker of the genuine goatskin leather amulet, Mbah Joyo.

Mbah Joyo - Maker of the Whole Goatskin Leather Amulet

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