White Goat Rawhide Talisman featuring Handwritten Attraction Spells in Pure Saffron Ink


Indonesian mystical objects come in many different shapes and forms, varying from mainstream amulets to rare and exclusive collectors items. There are, however, also several types of Indonesian amulets and talismans which use hardcore magic. A classic example of such powerful item is the rawhide taweez, a traditional Indonesian talisman endowed with the supernatural power of Islamic magic. Hence, Indonesian taweez of this kind are widely praised for the extraordinary quality of the mystical properties, which also is preferred above most animist charms.

White Goat Rawhide Talisman

The rawhide talisman measures 10.1 x 6.9 centimeters. The taweez comprises a thick layer of white goat fur on the one side and handwritten spells on the other. The sacred spells on the rear face of the amulet are handwritten with high-grade saffron oil. Beside the written ancient Arabic formulas, there were also several Islamic incantations performed to enhance the magic power of the talisman. This means that during the consecration ritual the amulet was given an additional empowerment through which it received numerous auspicious blessings.

White Goat Rawhide Talisman featuring Handwritten Love Spells in Pure Saffron Ink

Thus, the white goat rawhide talisman is endowed with profound mystical qualities which mainly serve to increase one’s charm and attraction. Indeed, the taweez is a powerful attraction charm with highly effective love spells. For this reason, then, one can use the amulet to increase one’s chances of finding a partner or simply to enjoy the sensual pleasures of (an) exciting love affair(s). It is, however, also possible to use the amulet to improve an existing relationship or marriage. Alternatively one may also choose to use the magical powers of attraction to induce blessings of good luck and fortune. Furthermore, if one likes gambling or playing the lottery, then the rawhide talisman can even be used to generate more wealth and riches.

White Goat Rawhide Talisman

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