White Bullet Wood Mustika Gemstone


White bullet wood mustika gemstones are named after the flowering plant Medlar (Lat. Mimusops elengi), also called ‘Bullet wood’. This is due to the similarity between the Medlar plant and the pattern on the exterior surface of the mustika stone. Medlar is a tropical forest plant commonly used by Indonesian dukuns for alternative medicinal purposes.

White bullet wood mustika stone

The white bullet wood mustika gemstone is therefore attributed with strong and effective healing powers, making this mustika especially useful for those who undergo a certain kind of alternative healing treatment. Furthermore, it is believed that there dwells a khodam spirit within the white bullet wood mustika gemstone. In this particular mustika resides a khodam spirit which possesses strong mystical powers of attraction and seduction.

White bullet wood mustika gemstone

The inherent properties in this natural gemstone were further enhanced by a Javanese dukun who empowered the mustika with powerful love spells, using traditional enchantment magic. Hence, those who are seeking a traditional love charm to seduce and enchant a specific person of the opposite sex will soon be able to make their fantasies come true with the help of the khodam spirit of this white bullet wood mustika gemstone.

Base of white bullet wood mustika stone

When carrying the mustika with you, people from the opposite sex will notice your charming appearance, which instantly draws their attention towards you. They will become fascinated by your sex appeal due to the mystical powers of the khodam spirit. Though when the mustika is placed in one’s home, it will significantly improve one’s bedroom secrets. Thus, it is said, that the white bullet wood mustika gemstone provides the ideal aid in the pursuit of one’s desires, for it contributes to ever more pleasure and satisfaction.

Bullet wood mustika

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