Welcoming a New Decade



Time to say goodbye to another decade.
Entering the new decade with great anticipation of improvement and progression, this New Year and new decade creates an atmosphere of renewal for all of us. Regardless mistakes or failures made in the past year or whatever remains unfinished; the New Year provides an opportunity to make things better.
As with all beginnings, getting started can be challenging.

But seen from a greater transitional point of view, we can see that the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.
It is within that perpetual state, where we find ourselves, striving to have a better understanding. Being aware, reflective and contemplative, spiritually, physically and mentally makes us able by the end of the year, to look back and see all the changes and progress we have made.

Now, entering the unseen, the new, we enter another year equipped with an arsenal of mystical energies. Let us look for their guidance throughout this coming year and decade, so we will continue this new decade, to be amazed by the magical ways our lives take.

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