Wealth Boosting Pocket Talisman with Two Additional Magic Spells Inserted for Ritual Use


It is a known fact, that pocket talismans play a major role in traditional Indonesian mysticism. Since ancient times traditional Indonesian mystics and spiritual masters generally have a large following. The followers tend to be very loyal when it comes to supporting their venerated teacher. Generally, this is due to the students having great faith in their guru and the mystical objects s/he makes for them. In doing so, the dukun provides ritual services to the laity, thereby helping the lay followers to attain certain goals in life. In this case, the dukun has made a traditional pocket talisman, which he consecrated with mystical properties to boost wealth.

Wealth Boosting Pocket Talisman

The wealth boosting pocket talisman has various ancient spells written on it. In fact, it is two-sided since there are several different kinds of Indonesian Islamic spells both on the outside as well as on the inside of the talisman. Also, on the inside there are two additional spells inserted, which can be taken out for ritual use. The additional magic spells are written on two separate pieces of paper (one in yellow and the other in pink), each measuring 21.7 x 10.7 x 0.1 centimeters.

Wealth Boosting Pocket Talisman

The magic spells written on the yellow colored paper serve to improve one’s performance; this means, that in case one is going to have a job interview, or when one is about to close an important business deal, or even when facing an important test (either academic or practical), the talisman will help you succeed without any difficulties. To use the locket for this particular purpose, the yellow paper sheet should be immersed in a bowl of water for one night in order to absorb the magic power of the sacred spells. The next morning the water should be used to wash one’s face with; this will enhance one’s aura through emitting positive energies, which, of course, boosts one’s charisma. Alternatively, one can spray the holy water on the goods one wishes to sell that day.

Traditional Sundanese Door Talisman with Additional Spells

The pink sheet of paper, however, should be immersed in a glass of water before going to bed at night. The holy water will be ready for consumption on the next day. Drinking this holy water is considered a very effective means to treat various kinds of physical ailments such as fever, cold, headache, etc. Moreover, it is said that, when one consumes the sacred blessings contained within the holy water, s/he shall meet with nothing but success in his or her life.

Wealth Boosting Pocket Talisman with Two Additional Magic Spells Included

It is, of course, also possible to just keep the two neatly folded pieces of paper on the inside of the talisman, for it is not strictly necessary to perform the rituals mentioned above. Indeed, when one chooses rather not to use the additional magic spells, this will only add up to the esoteric power already contained within the talisman. In this way, then, the additional spells inserted to the wealth boosting talisman make it an even more powerful means to gain material wealth and become rich fast.

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