Wealth Boosting Locket for Abundant Provision of Sustenance


The wealth boosting locket is a powerful amulet made by the Indonesian Islamic mystics of Banten in West Java. As the name already suggests, the locket is empowered with mystical properties that serve to generate abundant provision of sustenance. This makes the amulet useful not only for merchants, shopkeepers and businessmen who are seeking ways to increase their financial income, but also for everyone else who is striving to obtain rizq (i.e., provisions; Arabic).

Wealth Boosting Locket

Moreover, both Muslims and non-Muslims can benefit from using the magical powers of this ritually consecrated locket. Thus, the owner of the locket can use it to ask for blessings of wealth. This can be done by means of recitation of specific mantra, which should be chanted three times after the fifth of the five daily prayers, i.e. the night-time prayer (Arabic: ṣalāt al-‘išā’), or before the dawn prayer (Arabic: ṣalāt al-faǧr).

Wealth Boosting Locket for Abundant Provisions of Sustenance

The mantra for the wealth boosting locket is as follows:

Yaa Allaahu, Yaa Allaahu, Yaa Allahu, Yaa Rabbu, Yaa Rabbu, Yaa Rabbu, Yaa H’ayyu, Yaa Qayyoom, Yaa D’al Jalaali Wal Ikram As-aluka Bismikal A’z’eemil A’z’am An Tarzuqanee Rizqan Waasi-A’n H’laalan T’ayyiban Birah’matika Yaa Arh’amar Raah’imeen.

Non-Muslims can recite the abovementioned prayer three times before going to bed and before getting up.

Close up of Wealth Boosting Locket

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