Volcanic Vesuvianite Stone Amulet Ring for taking Intuitive Decisions with Strong Determination


Vesuvianite can be found in metamorphic rocks such as metamorphosed limestone. Its name is derived from Mount Vesuvius in Italy, where large deposits of this silicate mineral were found in the year 1795. Besides Mt Vesuvius, gemstones of this kind can also be found near other volcanoes around the world, especially in the Indonesian archipelago. The vesuvianite stone seen in this talismanic ring comes from the mountainous area of the stratovolcano Tangkuban Perahu and the white crater lake of Kawah Putih near Bandung in West Java.

Green Vesuvianite Gemstone

Vesuvianite, sometimes also called ‘vesonite’ or more specifically ‘idiocrase’, is rich in metaphysical energy as the semi-precious stone is linked to the fire element due to its volcanic origins. For this reason, the stone’s inherent mystical properties are particularly effective for people who are born under one of the fire signs of the zodiac, namely: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. When it is worn as an amulet, the ring will sharpen the wearer’s intuition so that s/he can take the right decisions in life with strong determination. In that sense, the vesuvianite talisman helps one to learn and listen more attentively to one’s inner self, thereby gradually opening oneself up to whatever the heart desires.

Vesuvianite Gem embedded in a Talismanic Ring

Mantra for Volcanic Vesuvianite Stone Amulet Ring

Ingsun iki urip saka dayaning Gusti

Iki ragaku iki jenengku (say your own name)

Geniku segara murup

Ya, aku iki manungsa

Sing nguwasani init geni (9x)

Vesonite Stone from Indonesia

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