Unique Indonesian Hard Grass Leaves with Mystical Powers for Love and Attraction


A unique Indonesian talisman with extraordinary mystical powers. The bottle contains a special kind of hard grass leaves, which only grows in the forests on the island of Kalimantan in Indonesia. Since ancient times, these mysterious grass leaves have been used by the various Dayak tribes, the indigenous population of Kalimantan.

Usually the Dayak people will only use this particular kind of hard grass leaves if there is a mysterious case to be dealt with. Also, they always treat everything that comes and is taken from the forest with great respect, and thus there needs to be a valid reason to use these special hard grass leaves for the strong mystical powers they possess.

Traditional Indonesian shamans, or ‘dukun‘, often use two or three hard grass leaves to enhance the mystical powers of the amulet or talisman they make. This is mostly done by the dukun immersing the hard grass leaves in some sort of magic potion, such as herbal oils, balms and waxes. Then, as soon as the hard grass leaves are immersed in liquids, the leaves spontaneously begin to move and wriggle. The same mysterious event occurs when the hard grass leaves are exposed to temperature differences.

Due to the highly unusual features exhibited by this mysterious type of hard grass from Kalimantan, it is thus used already for centuries as a traditional Indonesian talisman which mystical powers are believed to be most effective for love and attraction.

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