Twisted Deerskin Silat Armband with Holy Incantations for Braveness and Boldness


The traditional martial arts of Indonesia, also known as pencak silat is a well-known fighting system throughout the world. Particularly the agile moves of the tiger style or ‘gaya harimau‘ are held in high esteem among silat practitioners. Both in Sumatra and Java there are devout Muslim silat fighters who empower their physical strength and endurance with spiritual powers through religious devotion. Thus, by utilizing certain quranic verses they are able to obtain various supernatural abilities, thereby enabling them to do superhuman things with their body. More importantly, however, is the fact that many people wear specfic Islamic taweez in order to gain the magical qualities of invulnerability and invincibility so that they can stay safe during combat and when out on the street late at night.

Therefore, amulets and talismans made from genuine deerskin, such as this armband, are counted as immensely favorable items when they are properly blessed with holy incantations in Arabic. For indeed, it is by means of both the magical spells as well as the master’s consecration that the mystical object lends itself as a potent aid in times of danger. By chanting the mantra below, then, the talisman gives sharp weapons no chance to hurt the wearer, nor will it be possible for evil beings–whether human or non-human–to attack him or her in any way. Hence, besides physical safety, this amulet also offers spiritual protection against black magic. And, when no fear of danger is around, then one can wear the armband to boost one’s self-confidence so as to become a charismatic leader.

Mantra for Twisted Deerskin Fighter’s Armband

Bismillāhi raḥmāni raḥīm.

Allāhumma ibna alwan yā sayyidī sheikh Muhyiddin Abd al-Qadir Gilani, hadir.

Lā Yamutu lā Yamutu lā Yamutu, bi idznillāhi.

Lā hawlā walā quwwata ilā billāhil‘aliyyil-‘aẓhīm.

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