Set of 4 Tubular Talismanic scrolls empowered with Islamic Magic for Protection and Evasion.


Tubular amulets are a popular phenomenon in Southeast Asia. Just like Thai takrut, for example, Indonesian talismanic scrolls often serve as a spiritual means to protect the wearer from danger. This type of talisman usually is worn around the waist or carried in one’s pocket. It is believed that its inherent mystical properties can avoid potential problems, varying from nature disasters to various accidents, including occupational hazards.

Tubular Talismanic scroll with Islamic Magic

With this special offer, we offer all four scrolls with a 25% discount, for only 189,99 instead of 219,99.

The scrolls can also be individually purchased for 54,99

Tubular Talismanic scroll empowered with Islamic Magic

Tubular Talisman scroll with Islamic Magic

Tubular Talisman empowered with Islamic Magic

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