Traditional White Muslim Pilgrimage Cloth Adorned with Arabic Lettering and Magical Love Spells


The traditional white garment worn by Muslims on their pilgrimage to the city of Mecca is called ihram. Its color is white, since ihram represents man’s spiritual purity. This, of course, is because the performance of hajj (pilgrimage) is seen as an effective means for spiritual cleansing. Obviously, successful performance of the hajj will bring the faithful believer immeasurable merit and virtue. Similarly, it is believed that divine blessings pervade the white dress worn by a devout person, in this case, an Indonesian Islamic mystic from Yogyakarta in Central Java.

Traditional White Muslim Pilgrimage Cloth

Due to the sacred qualities ascribed to traditional white Muslim pilgrimage garment, the fabric is therefore fit for mystical objects, such as amulets and talismans. In order to enhance the magical power of the desired effects, the mystical cloth is adorned with Arabic lettering and Islamic love spells. Thus, the Indonesian Muslim master who made this talisman has made the sacred cloth into a powerful love charm, for it is endowed with mystical properties which can help the owner to find him or her a partner. Though if one is merely looking for innocent flirtations, the talismanic cloth will draw sexual attention of members of the opposite sex towards the owner of the talisman. Indeed, they will become charmed by your attractive looks and physical appearance.

Traditional White Muslim Pilgrimage Cloth with Love Spells

One can fold up the magical cloth and put it in one’s pocket, bag, wallet, etc. Due to the relatively large measurements of the cloth (32.8 x 22.5 x 0.1 cm), it is also possible to wrap it up and wear the cloth in a talismanic waist belt. In case one rather wishes to keep the talismanic cloth at home than wearing it with you, then one can also hang it above the main entrance of the house or above the door of one’s bedroom. This will bring blessings of love into one’s household, or more specifically, into one’s bedroom.

Traditional White Muslim Pilgrimage Cloth with Love Spells

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