Traditional Taweez with Islamic Esoteric Writing that Makes Grace Abound


Nowadays taweez come in many forms and sizes, yet one can still find the more traditional taweez being made in Indonesia today. And indeed, this particular mystical object is reminiscent of amulets and talismans of olden times. Its simplistic yet bold design gives the amulet a distinctly classic look. Therefore, it is not difficult to determine the authenticity of this talisman; the hand-written Islamic esoteric writing on the rear side of the genuine Javan deerskin shows just how much effort has been spent on the individual empowerment of each of these taweez.

Traditional Muslim Taweez

It is said, that, anyone who keeps this taweez in his or her pocket, bag or purse, shall come to enjoy abundant provisions. Indeed, due to the most merciful nature of the featured Arabic incantations, blessings of grace shall come upon the wearer. Thus, from this abundance, one will receive one gracious blessing after another. This also means that through the magical quality of the sacred blessings, one’s luck can be improved and that more progress can be made.

Indonesian Taweez with Islamic Esoteric Writings

Then, if that was not enough, the amulet also has the magical ability to help the wearer foresee the possibility that s/he will be hurt or killed, or that something unpleasant or bad will happen to him or her. Hence, it is believed, that whenever the owner is facing something that is likely to cause him or her injury, pain, harm, or loss, the taweez will evade the danger. In this way, the mystical properties serve to avoid risks and to escape threats.

Islamic Taweez made from Genuine Javanese Deerskin

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