Traditional Sundanese Door Talisman


The Sundanese are an ethnic group native to West Java, Indonesia. The indigenous population of West Java has their own native language, known as bahasa Sunda. West Java is the home of the great Islamic mystics from Banten Province. When visiting a household in Banten, one often sees a traditional Sundanese talisman hanging above the entrance. In fact, it is very common for a shopkeeper or restaurant owner to have a talismanic locket which is blessed by the renown Muslim masters of Banten. Hence, Sundanese talismans are widely praised for their strong magical power.

Traditional Sundanese Door Talisman (Large)

The large locket measures 18.5 x 6.2 x 0.2 centimeters. The rectangular shaped talisman is sealed with six metal pins, which can also be used to hang the talisman above the door. Due to the traditional consecration method of the Sundanese Islamic mystics, the locket is thereby ritually empowered with mystical properties which provide protection from dangers and induce prosperity. Also, the esoteric powers contained within the consecrated locket will bring blessings of peace and harmony in to one’s household.

Traditional Sundanese Door Talisman (Large)

In addition, the traditional Sundanese door talisman comes with two colored sheets of paper (yellow and pink) featuring sacred spells written in the Arabic script. The magic spells written on the yellow colored paper serve to improve one’s performance; this means, that in case one is going to have a job interview, or when one is about to close an important business deal, or even when facing an important test (either academic or practical), the talisman will help you succeed without any difficulties. To use the locket for this particular purpose, the yellow paper sheet should be immersed in a bowl of water for one night in order to absorb the magic power of the sacred spells. The next morning the water should be used to wash one’s face with; this will enhance one’s aura through emitting positive energies, which, of course, boosts one’s charisma. Alternatively, one can spray the holy water on the goods one wishes to sell that day.

Traditional Sundanese Door Talisman with Additional Spells

The pink sheet of paper, however, should be immersed in a glass of water before going to bed at night. The holy water will be ready for consumption on the next day. Drinking this holy water is considered a very effective means to treat various kinds of physical ailments such as fever, cold, headache, etc. Moreover, it is said that, when one consumes the sacred blessings contained within the holy water, s/he shall meet with nothing but success in his or her life.

Traditional Sundanese Door Talisman (Large)

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