Traditional Snow Queen Herbs for Beauty Treatment


The traditional Snow Queen herbs and spices are a popular treatment for women who want to enhance their beauty in a completely natural way. This traditional medicine from Kalimantan, Indonesia, is called ‘snow queen’, because its unique combination of herbs and spices serves as a highly effective natural skin whitening method.

Traditionally, Indonesian women will use this kind of medicine before they are getting married, but this alternative treatment is often still continued until long after they got married. Of course, the sole reason for this being the fact that the results are truly astonishing indeed. Because not only does this traditional Indonesian medicine work for enhancing the beauty of one’s skin, it also can be used to treat and prevent various kinds of ailments caused by diabetes, cholesterol, uric acid, and high blood pressure.

Instructions for Use

Find a comfortable place to enjoy this relaxing treatment. A sauna works best, but it can of course also be used in the bathroom, or any other place, as long as it is a closed room or cabin. Open the package, place one third (1/3) of the content in a bowl. Then boil 1 liter water, and pour this hot water over the herbs in the bowl. This will release a fragrant aroma, which lasts approximately 20 minutes. During this time, it will revitalize the skin. After the water has cooled off, one can then use this oily water to anoint onto one’s skin, which will help to recover and also repair the damaged or dry skin.

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