Traditional Pusaka Oil from the Keraton of Surakarta


Traditional pusaka oil is used by the royal servants (Javanese: ‘abdi dalem‘) of Susuhunan Pakubuwono XIII, the Sultan of Solo, to clean the pusakas in the collection of the keraton (court palace). In order to keep the pusaka blade in good condition, it needs to be treated regularly with a special type of oil, namely traditional pusaka oil . This kind of oil is extracted from various kinds of fragrant flowers, medicinal herbs, and specific trees which the Javanese consider to be sacred. The mixture of sacred ingredients, then, is prepared according the traditional method inherited from the ancient tradition of the keraton of Surakarta.

Pusaka Oil

The ritual process of cleaning the blades of the pusakas of the Sultanate of Solo, is performed annually in the month of Suro, corresponding with the Islamic month of Muharram. Later, laypeople adopted the traditional custom, and thus developed the preference to treat their own pusaka(s) with this exclusive oil as well.

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