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Traditional Family Pusaka Heirloom Set of 2 Rencong Daggers from Aceh

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The two rencong daggers in this pusakaheirloom set are a perfect example of the rencongs made in the early twentieth century; one is made from high quality brass and has a traditional cugek hilt, whereas the other is made from high quality steel and has a sawed-off but finely polished pudoi hilt. The hilt (ulee rencong) as well as the sheath (sarung rencong) of both these rencongs are hand carved from buffalo horn. In addition, both sheaths have a brass ring placed around the cover of the sarung. This brass ring serves not just for decoration purpose alone, for it also has a more practical purpose, namely to enhance the firmness of the sheath. Besides a brass ring, the brass rencong also has a piece of red cloth wrapped around the sheath. It is a piece of cloth from a sarong of the ancestors of the person whom inherited the rencong as a family pusaka heirloom item.

Rencong Pusaka Daggers

As it is inherited as a personal heirloom, this double set of rencong daggers can be classed as a rare and authentic pusaka collection of both historical and sacred value. Moreover, due to the fact that the rencong is inextricably linked with close combat fighting, practitioners of pencak silat will know how to fully appreciate such a valuable weapon of traditional Indonesian culture. In fact, one may even want to use both of these rencongs to enhance one’s personal practice of Indonesian martial arts.

Close up of Brass Rencong Blade

The rencongs are well preserved and properly looked after, which means that the blades have been ritually cleansed on a regular basis. Furthermore, the sacred pusaka items are wrapped in a white cloth featuring hand written spells in Arabic. It is said, that these sacred Islamic spells serve to bind the powerful mystical forces present within the blade of the traditional daggers. Hence, when the owner stores the rencongs (wrapped in the sacred white cloth) in one’s residence, the household will be protected from invaders. Likewise, when carrying one or both of the rencong daggers when one is leaving the house, the mystical powers will protect the person from his or her enemies. Also, the rencongs are believed to possess the ability to prevent the owner from being harmed by others or getting injured in unforeseen situations of dangers (e.g. accidents, nature disasters, etc.).

Close up of Steel Rencong Blade

The brass rencong features hand engraved flower patterns on both ends of the brass parts of the cugek hilt.

Rencong Hilt made from Buffalo Horn

Two very special Indonesian daggers, each having their own characteristic design, resembling the great warrior spirit of the indigenous population of Aceh. Indeed, with these two rencong daggers, we offer the serious collector a rare opportunity to obtain a complete set of two genuine pusaka heirloom items directly from the lawful inheritor himself.

Two Rencong Dagger Set

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