Traditional Indonesian Skin Whitening & Facial Scrub Cream made from White Jasmine Flower


Hafabi is used as a beauty treatment from Kalimantan, Indonesia. The powdered milk consists of rice starch (Lat. Amylum oryzae), Alyxia cortex, Citrus bystrix, Andropogon, and white jasmine flower ground into powder.

Hafabi Powdered Milk from Indonesia

The composition of natural ingredients is based on an ancient Indonesian formula used to enhance one’s physical beauty. This traditional Indonesian formula is especially popular among Indonesian girls and women, who use it a as a skin whitening and facial scrub cream. The rich structure of the powdered milk substance cleanses the skin from impurities, and helps to removes dead skin cells, too.

Indonesian beauty treatment

Can be used in the shower. One should take a small amount of the powdered milk, mix it with hot water, and then apply the mixture on one’s body. In case of use as a facial cream, one should scrub one’s skin for a soft and smooth result.

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