Traditional Indonesian Medicine Consisting of 19 Different Kinds of Natural Healing Herbs


This traditional Indonesian medicine contains the following ingredients:

1. Roots of earth peg;

2. Roots of a large rubber tree from Kalimantan

3. Cloves (Lat. Eugenia aromatica);

4. Cardamom

5. Chili peppers;

6. Cubeb (Lat. Piper cubeba)

7. Sapang wood (Lat. Caesalpinia sappan);

8. Spinifex;

9. Fibraurea chloroleuca;

10. Orthosiphon stamineus;

11. Cinnamomum sintok;

12. Tinospora crispa;

13. Lavanga sarmentosa;

14. Andrographis paniculata;

15. Strobilanthes crispa;

16. Curcuma zanthorrhiza;

17. Zingiberis aromaticae rhizoma;

18. Local herbs from Kelanis, Kalimantan;

19. Local forest tree vines from Kalimantan.

Traditional Indonesian Medicine of 19 kinds of herbs

This alternative medicine can be used for treatment of diabetes, dysentery, nausea, jaundice and yellow fever, liver problems, lumbago, and various kinds of aching pains. To increase its efficacy, one can mix the herbal ingredients with the yolk of one or two egg(s) and a tablespoon of honey. In case one suffers from yellow fever, it is recommended to add brown sugar, too. And for treatment of lumbago, one should add some lime juice and ginger.

Traditional Indonesian Herbal Medicine

Immerse the herbal ingredients in hot water. One should drink half a glass three times daily. The medicine should be taken after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner, or at latest thirty minutes before going to bed.

Alternative Medicine from Kalimantan, Indonesia

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