Traditional Indonesian Locket with Alternative Islamic Healing Spells to Treat or Prevent Illnesses


The traditional Indonesian locket contains a colorful piece of paper, which depicts various kinds of alternative healing spells. The paper sheet is folded 230 times while sacred incantations were performed. First, it is folded a hundred times while traditional healing spells were chanted. Next, the sheet of paper is folded sixty times while magical prayers for protection against evil spirits, ghosts, and demons were being recited. The reason for using this particular kind of magic (to repel evil) is based on the common belief that a person’s illness is in many cases caused by an evil spirit or ghost.

Locket with alternative healing spells

Then, it was folded another forty times to deadly insects and venomous arthropods, like scorpions and centipedes. Lastly, it was folded another thirty times consecutively, so as to consecrate the paper sheet with blessings to induce a general sense of well-being as well as stamina. Thus, it is believed, that the powerful combination of ancient spells serves as an effective means to treat various kinds of physical ailments, such as migraine, digestive problems and stomach ache, while at the same time it also offers a remedy against sickness and illness in general (e.g. fever, chills, cold, coughing, sore throat, high blood pressure).

Traditional Indonesian Locket with Alternative Islamic Healing Spells

When one is suffering from an illness, the amulet can be kept near or next to the side of one’s bed. This will speed up the process of recovery or revalidation. Alternatively, the amulet can be worn in one’s pocket to prevent sickness. For the rest, one can also use the amulet for praying and to ask for blessings of good health.

Close up of Indonesian Locket with Alternative Islamic Healing Spells to Prevent Illnesses

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