Traditional Indonesian Herbal Liniment made from Broadleaf Plantain Roots


The traditional Indonesian herbal liniment is a registered product (under license number 83705310) by the official brand Rajawali. The bottle contains essential oil obtained from natural broadleaf plantain roots (Lat. Plantago major Linn). Fresh straws of lemongrass plucked from mountainous areas in Kalimantan are added to the herbal liniment as well.

Traditional Indonesian Herbal Liniment made from Broadleaf Plantain

The indigenous population living on the island of Kalimantan, who are collectively known as the Dayak tribes, have used this traditional medicine throughout history. Indeed, the ancient tradition of Indonesian healing supplements has been carefully preserved for many centuries while the practical knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. In contemporary Kalimantan, there are still a lot of traditional healers, medicine men and shamans who are practicing the ancient skills of their Dayak forefathers in various remote villages spread across forest regions and mountainous areas.

Traditional Indonesian Herbal Liniment Bottle containing Broadleaf Plantain Roots

Herbal healing supplements made from broadleaf plantain roots are considered an effective medical treatment of gout, rheumatism, muscle aches and pains. In addition, the herbal liniment can be used to treat bumps and bruises (contusions). When anointed onto the skin, the liniment can give a tingle sensation, i.e. a sensation generally described as hot. Therefore, people with a sensitive skin, especially children, are advised to blend the herbal liniment with a small amount of coconut oil, so as to reduce the tingle sensation of the broadleaf plantain roots.

Close up of Bottle of Original Indonesian Herbal Liniment from Kalimantan

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