Traditional Hindu-Buddhist Resi Effigy made from Sacred Metals and Powders + Silver Magic Scroll


The metal effigy represents a traditional Hindu-Buddhist rêsi master. According to ancient Hindu-Buddhist tradition, a rêsi is a true mystic, a devout spiritual practitioner. The Javanese word rêsi is derived from the Sanskrit ṛṣi, which means ‘seer’; i.e. a wandering hermit, who, as a result of intense practice of austerities, has acquired various supernatural abilities. Also, through attainment of higher levels of spiritual wisdom, the rêsi can develop magic powers as well. Hence, the term ‘seer’ is related to the rêsi using his or her ‘third eye’ to see the future with.

Resi Saint Effigy from Thailand

The effigy is made from a mixture of sacred metals collected from several auspicious places in southern Thailand. The metal mixture is considered sacred in the sense that it contains brass from an ancient temple bell of Wat Mai Naparam, a Buddhist vihara (monastery) in Tak Bai, Narathiwat, South Thailand. There the rêsi effigy was blessed in a consecration ritual performed by the temple abbot Luang Por Dam along with several other venerable Buddhist master monks from the area. This rare and unique Hindu-Buddhist amulet is made and blessed in the year 2000. As proof of authenticity, the Buddhist amulet comes with the original box from the temple.

Sacred Ingredients and Magic Scroll in the base of the Resi Saint Effigy from Thailand

Worshipping Mantra for the Traditional Hindu-Buddhist Rêsi Effigy

If one wants to ask for blessings from the rêsi and the celestial beings who reside in the Hindu-Buddhist heavens, one can chant the following mantra for 108 times repeatedly:

Indra Lapang, Maha Indra Lapang;
Deva Lapang, Maha Deva Lapang;
Rêsi Lapang, Maha Rêsi Lapang;
Sappa Silang Bhavantume.

Anyone who performs sincere worship of the rêsi is thereby likely to receive innumerable blessings which will contribute to a person’s good karma, thereby allowing him or her to always prosper in life.

Rear face of the Resi Saint from Thailand

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