Traditional Healing Capsules with 100% Pure Black Seed from the Medicinal Nigella Sativa Plant


Nigella sativa is a medicinal plant that produces the so-called ‘the seed of blessing’ (Arabic: ḥabbat al-barakah). The black seed of the Nigella sativa plant is used in traditional medicine because it has various efficacious healing properties. Ancient Egyptians were well aware of the herbal remedy of Nigella sativa, for indeed, black seed has been found in the tomb of pharaoh Tutankhamun. The use of black seed in ancient times is also mentioned in the Old Testament (Isaiah 28: 25, 27).

Traditional Healing Capsules with Black Seeds of Nigella Sativa Plant

But perhaps the most famous reference made to Nigella sativa can be found in Islamic writing. In a hadith (Sahih al-Bukhari: 5687) narrated by a companion of the Islamic Prophet Muḥammad, Abu Hurairah (603–681), says: “I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, ‘There is healing in black seed (Arabic: al-ḥabbah al-sawdāʼ) for all diseases except death.'” And as can be seen in the picture below, this quote (translated to Indonesian) is printed on the label of the packaging, so as to remind the user of the extraordinary healing power of the pure black seed capsules contained within the bottle.

Traditional Healing Capsules with 100% Pure Black Seed from the Medicinal Nigella Sativa Plant

For maximum results, one should take black seed capsules on a daily basis, preferably 2-3 capsules in the morning and afternoon. Children, however, are advised to take 1-2 capsules a day. Since Nigella sativa has anti-convulsive properties, black seed can be considered an effective treatment for epilepsy. Also, daily use of black seed is known to improve the functioning of the pancreas, which in turn helps control one’s blood sugar level, and thus is recommended for diabetes patients. For the rest there are several research studies that suggest regular use of black seed can help a person prevent various forms of cancer, such as colon cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer, and brain tumors.

Traditional Healing Capsules with Black Seed (Nigella Sativa)

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