Tiger Tooth Talisman to Enhance Courage and Confidence in All Situations


Just like in other parts of Southeast Asia, tiger amulets have always played an important role in occult practices in Indonesia. The tiger’s innate agility, speed and strength inspired many indigenous Indonesian folk beliefs (e.g. Kancil dan Harimau, Siluman Harimau, Manusia Harimau, Harimau Jadian). Moreover, its sudden appearance and disappearance in the forests at night made people think these were actually supernatural beings. And so, due to ancient myths and legends the tiger is both being feared and revered by Indonesians.

Genuine Tiger Tooth Amulet

Also, in traditional Indonesian martial arts (pencak silat) there is a particular style called ‘silat harimau’. As the name already suggests, this fighting style is based on the tiger’s action and movements by imitating its combat techniques. Therefore, it is said, that, when a pencak silat fighter wears a tiger tooth amulet, his or her fighting skills shall improve rapidly due to its magical ability to increase one’s power as well as to enhance one’s courage and confidence. Furthermore, the wearer will be able to ward off danger through the talisman’s mystical properties of kanuragan (invincibility) and kadigdayaan (invulnerability).

Tiger Fang Talisman

On top of that, the amulet received an additional empowerment by a Javanese master of occult arts. The consecration ritual was performed in order to infuse extra magical qualities into the tiger tooth. In this way, the owner can also adopt the bold and authoritative character of this wild animal, which thus helps boosting one’s charisma and leadership. Because of this the amulet allows one to lead a successful business life.

Real Indonesian Tiger Amulet

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