Thousand Flowers Fragrance Oil containing Erotic Floral Blend of Seductive Naturals


The natural essential oil is manually processed by a genuine Indonesian healer (dukun). Therefore, the thousand flowers oil has been attributed as having many magical qualities. Indeed, it is not only a premium aromatherapy oil, but it is also a powerful magic potion. The fragrant liquid has been extracted from various flower petals and pollen grains. And just like petals naturally attract pollinators (e.g., bees, beetles, birds), the oil serves to magically attract potential partners (of either sex) towards the wearer.

Thousand Flower Essential Oil

Due to the seductive natural fragrance of the flowers used in this floral blend, it thus has an erotic effect on both the wearer and the targeted person. This means, that, it is highly effective when used as a love potion and applied for sensual pleasure as well as sexual desires or fantasies. Moreover, both men and women can use the thousand flowers oil, as its mystical properties can be utilized by homo-, hetero-, and bisexuals, as well as transgenders.

Thousand Flowers Oil

It is possible to anoint the oil directly on one’s skin, applying a few small drops on the forehead or eyebrows. Doing this will make the wearer feel at ease, relaxed and sexually aroused. The same applies when the oil is anointed directly on the targeted person’s body; s/he will feel comfortable, thereby giving him or her a strong compelling desire to get closer to you. Consequently the causal factors for intimacy quickly arise, which creates the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a romantic and passionate love affair.

Thousand Indonesian Flowers Essential Oil

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