Terracotta Amulet of Kala Rahu Demon flanked by Two Mythical Naga Serpent Spirits


Kala Rahu or Batara Kala (Sanskrit: Rāhu) is a Hindu-Buddhist demon (Sanskrit: asura). According ancient Indian mythology Rahu is the ‘Lord of the Asuras’, though in traditional Javanese and Balinese culture he is more commonly referred to as the ‘Lord of Time’. Rahu managed to become partially immortal after he drank some of the nectar of immortality (Sanskrit tīrtha amṛta) which belonged to the gods. But the deities in the heavens caught him on the spot, after which they immediately decapitated Rahu before the elixir could even enter his stomach. Hence only his head and upper body became immortal.

Kala Rahu Amulet

It is believed that nothing in the universe will be saved from the gigantic demon’s mouth, swallowing up everything that stands in his way. This includes the swallowing of the Sun and the Moon as an act of revenge against the gods who selfishly wanted to keep the ambrosia for themselves, and even beheaded Rahu when he claimed his share. Thus it is said that the occasional eclipses of the Sun and the Moon are caused by the powerful Rahu.

Batara Kala Talisman

But besides being associated with wrath and chaos, mighty Rahu is also very merciful in the sense that he helps his worshippers by increasing their power, charisma and leadership. And so, wearing this particular amulet can help one get out of trouble, to avoid inauspicious circumstances, stop the spreading of false rumors, and to deal with overly proud, arrogant, and deceitful people (e.g. backstabbers, hypocrites). Furthermore, unexpected changes in fate, luck and fortune are also among the blessings bestowed by Kala Rahu. In addition, the two mythical naga serpent spirits depicted on the front side of the amulet are celestial bringers of wealth.

Indonesian Mythological Rahu Locket

Mantra for Kala Rahu Amulet

Oṃ nākadhvajāya vidmahe padmahastāya dhīmahi

Tanno Rāhuḥ pracodayāt (9x)

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