Taweez with Islamic Magic Formulas to Become Fearless and Self-confident


This particular Indonesian amulet comes in the form of a taweez. It is made from a small piece of genuine Javan deerskin, which, in Indonesian mystical tradition, is considered an appropriate vessel for metaphysical energies. Hand-written incantations in Arabic thereby effectively turned the animal’s skin into a powerful Muslim talisman. As such it can be worn by both men and women of good faith. It is, however, also permissible to keep the taweez in one particular place (e.g., one’s house, office, vehicle) instead of carrying it on one’s person.

Taweez with Islamic Magic Formulas

There are two mystical diagrams featured on the exterior surface of the parchment, one on each side of the amulet. These sacred geometric squares contain Islamic magic formulas that are aimed at overcoming anxiety and fear. This means, that, due to its inherent magical quality, the taweez allows one to deal more efficiently with difficult, uncomfortable emotions such as excessive worry, irrational doubt, and mental restlessness. In this way one becomes empowered by recognizing and understanding the talisman’s true purpose, which is to beat negative feelings of inferiority and a general lack of self-esteem.

Islamic Talisman with Magical Spells to Become Fearless

Indeed, the blessings of this mystical object do not merely operate in a passive way, but rather they call upon the wearer’s courage and self-confidence to take a proactive stance against his or her emotional suffering and try to prevent future problems. Whether they be personal problems at home or social challenges at work, this taweez makes it possible for people to create a healthy relationship with others based upon mutual respect and admiration.

Muslim Amulet with Arabic Incantations for Self-confidence

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