Talismanic Scroll offering Succor and Protection from Obscurations of Avarice and Miserliness


Tubular amulets are a popular phenomenon in Southeast Asia. Just like Thai takrut, for example, Indonesian talismanic scrolls often serve as a spiritual means to protect the wearer from danger. This type of talisman usually is worn around the waist or carried in one’s pocket. It is believed that its magical power can avoid potential problems, varying from traffic accidents to various occupational hazards.

Talismanix Scroll

Yet this particular scroll, which is made and blessed in Sumatra, consists of more than just a tube with incantations written on it; it also contains a special mixture of sacred herbs, powders, and earth from several holy sites in northern Sumatra. These ingredients were added so that one will be able to reduce the forces of delusion in the form of greed, malice, and other obstacles. Thus, the talisman offers succor and protection from obscurations such as avarice and miserliness.

Indonesian Takrut Amulet

Authentic Sumatran scrolls like these are still made according ancient tradition, which means the entire production and consecration process was carried out by hand. Hence only two pieces (while stock lasts – grab it quick!) were made in this batch. This limited edition’s amulets were released in two different colors: blue and green. However, both versions serve the same purpose though, and they are equally powerful.

Magical Scroll Talisman with Sacred Herbs and Powders

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