Talismanic Ring with Banded Agate Gem to Achieve Altered States of Consciousness


Agatized volcanic rocks are relatively common in Indonesia, though the colorful pieces of banded agate are much rarer. The microscopic layers of quartz in banded agate have aesthetic and spiritual value. In Indonesian magic, the red variety of agate is a very popular gemstone, primarily because it is believed to possess extraordinary powers in regard to the occult. And as such, the stone can be worn as a powerful talismanic ring.

Agate Amulet

The mystical properties embedded in the ring are especially beneficial to people born under the zodiac sign of gemini. The same holds true for people who are born in September since agate is the traditional birthstone of that particular month. However, due to an additional empowerment by a Javanese dukun, the gemstone’s metaphysical qualities have been enhanced in such a way that it works the same for everyone, regardless of their zodiac sign or which particular month they were born.

Indonesian Agate Gemstone Ring

According the mystical beliefs of the Javanese, red agate is believed to bring about clarity of mind, allowing for altered states of mind through spiritual practice. At the same time, the ring can also help the wearer become an influential person, particularly in regard to one’s profession. Indeed, the banded agate gem not only enhances courage, but ultimately it also transforms its owner into a successful leader.

Mystical Agate Ring Talisman

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