Talismanic Keris Patrem forged into the Dapur Brojol Model featuring Pamor Wengkon


The talismanic keris patrem is a special kind of keris which main function is that of an amulet. Due to the relatively small size of only 17 centimeters in total length, this keris patrem with its dapur Brojol model is especially recommended for women. According to traditional Javanese beliefs, a Brojol keris is considered to be able to alleviate pain and suffering during a woman’s pregnancy, as well as removing obstacles in life. In addition, the talismanic keris serves as a powerful means of protection against any possible threat of black magic or evil spirits.

Keris Patrem Brojol with Pamor Wengkon

The small keris is forged from of a special metal mixture consisting of several different kinds of iron from various ancient keris blades. The iron materials used for this keris are carefully selected based on the potential powers of the mystical properties imbued within the blades. This selection, of course, is essential to determine and guarantee the quality of its practical function as an amulet. Thus, through the process of reheating the mixture of sacred metals (tosan aji), the keris patrem Brojol is imbued with the magical blessings of the ancient kerises, which are then merged into a new, consecrated blade.

Old Keris Patrem Brojol Model

The blade of the keris patrem Brojol exhibits a delicate pamor pattern named pamor Wengkon. Sometimes this particular pamor motif is also called pamor Tepen or pamor Lis-lisan. It features a frame-like line stretched across the sides of the blade. Though the artistic features of pamor Wengkon might seem rather simplistic, yet this specific pattern is considered a fairly sophisticated type of pamor in regard to the forging process. Hence, pamor Wengkon is also known as a pamor rekan, which means that the pamor motif is an artistic creation based on the initiative of the empu. This implies that the empu deliberately intended to make the pamor motif as planned, rather than an unintentionally created by-product of the forging process. As pamor Wengkon is considered a non-chosen type of pamor, the keris patrem Brojol with the pamor Wengkon pattern can therefore be owned by anyone who feels attracted toward its mystical nature.

Keris Patrem Dapur Brojol Warangka

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