Talismanic Keris Dagger with Sacred Brazen Sheath wrapped in Yellow Magical Thread for Effective Social Interaction


The keris is a sacred dagger indigenous to Indonesia. There are straight-bladed kerises as well as kerises with waved blades. This talismanic keris, for example, has a blade which features a total number of seven waves. A keris blade with seven waves denotes social success. And so, the owner of this type of keris will be endowed with the magic power of effective social interaction. Mystical properties of this kind can contribute to meaningful engagement, allowing the owner of the talismanic keris dagger to build trust and credibility with others.

Talismanic Keris Dagger

Also, the blade of the keris, which is made from sacred brass, has Islamic spells embossed on the exterior surface. In addition, the sheath of the keris, which is also made from sacred brass, is wrapped in a yellow magical thread. In the final stage of the consecration ritual, this magic cord was used to confer blessings upon the brazen dagger and sheath, turning keris into a sacred object. Thus, the talismanic dagger is empowered with blessings that help develop one’s communication skills, leading to personal and professional success, for indeed, good communication skills are the key to success in life, work, and relationships.

Talismanic Keris Dagger wrapped in Magic Thread

This authentic Indonesian amulet can be carried in one’s pocket or bag. Hence, it allows the owner to bring the keris when going to an important meeting, appointment or interview. However, the talismanic dagger can also act as a medium for conveying blessings. For instance, by anointing the sacred brazen blade with magical oil the keris becomes a powerful ritual instrument which can be used for conducting ritual magic, such as the making of holy water. Due to the practical as well as sacred value of the keris talisman, it should be placed on one’s home altar (along with other mystical objects) when not in use.

Talismanic Keris Dagger made from Sacred Brass

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