Talismanic Flask containing Mystical Lovers’ Oil for Sensuous Enjoyment


The mystical lovers’ oil contained within the talismanic flask is extracted from various kinds of sacred flowers and herbs, which are carefully selected and processed by hand to ensure the magical quality of the natural ingredients mixed into the love potion. Owing to the traditional production and consecration method, the concoction is richly imbued with love-inducing properties. Also, a pair of magical bamboo grass (Lat. Bambusa magica) blades–wrapped in paper spells–is inserted to the flask to strengthen intense feelings of passion between two lovers. In this way the oil can help to bring about passionate love as a state of total absorption of two lovers.

Mystical lovers oil

In many ways this mystical liquid substance can be considered a treasure of pure sensual excitement and pleasure, for indeed, its miraculous powers can increase sexual arousal in someone like never before. Thus, the targeted person will hold an amazing fascination for the one who seduces him or her through this powerful love charm. To attract the desired person toward oneself, a few drops of oil should be anointed on one’s eyebrows or forehead before meeting him or her in person. However, in case of romantic seduction or erotic persuasion, it has to be anointed directly on the targeted person’s body, thereby enchanting his or her mind so that s/he becomes obsessed with you.

Mystical Lovers Oil Flask

Furthermore, it is also possible to mix a few drops of the oil in purified water, which can then be used to wash one’s face with. This is believed to enhance physical attraction so that one’s entire body will be radiating enormous sexual charisma. Of course, such persuasive qualities can also be used for completely different purposes altogether, namely to induce mercy and compassion in the heart of adversaries who have failed in their responsibility to serve justice and righteousness; yet another possibility is to use the magical oil to help you build sustainable relationships with customers or clients, who value your professional service.

Mystical Lovers Oil Extracted from Sacred Flowers

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