Talisman Set with Love Locket and Attraction Oil to invoke the Charming Beauty of the Prophet Yusuf


The talisman set contains two authentic Indonesian amulet, namely a powerful love locket and an attraction oil. Both mystical objects are made and blessed by the revered Banten masters. The taweez has the shape of a heart, which represents the universal symbol of love. The front face of the locket is decorated with a flower pattern; each flower features five leaves, thereby symbolizing the Five Pillars of Islam (arkān al-Islām: (1) aš-šahādah (profession of faith); (2) ṣalāt (congregational prayer); (3) ṣawm (fasting); (4) zakāt (alms-giving); and (5) ḥaǧǧ (pilgrimage to Mecca).

Talisman set with love locket and attraction oil

In the center of the locket, amidst the flower symbols, there are written Islamic spells on the exterior surface of the taweez. The rear face of the locket features magical spells as well. In addition, three tiny metal pins are used to seal the sacred contents of the talisman. Then a tiny metal loop is inserted to the top of the amulet, which allows it to be worn on a necklace, for example.

Rear face of Love Locket with Sacred Islamic Spells

The Islamic mystics from Banten Province performed a ritual consecration ceremony to empower the locket with mystical properties of love and attraction. In order to achieve this, they invoked the charming beauty of the beloved Prophet Yūsuf (Joseph). Hence, the Banten masters made a sacred potion from various kinds of herbs, pollens, flowers and plants whereby they impassioned the oil with love. The ritually blessed love potion, then, was used for the making and consecration of the locket as well.

Close up of Attraction Oil blessed by Banten Masters

The talisman set, therefore, uses a strong combination of ancient Islamic love spells and a traditional Indonesian attraction charm. Needless to say, a true occult charm like this is unsurpassed when used in combination with the genuine love potion that comes with the talisman set. Indeed, properly consecrated mystical objects of this kind are considered an all-time favorite for romantic seduction, flirting, and sexual attraction.

Close up of Love Locket Blessed by Banten Masters

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