Tafsir Keris – Kris: an Interpretation


Title: Tafsir Keris – Kris: an Interpretation

Author: Toni Junus, Buntje Harbunangin

Published: Jakarta, October 2012

Language: Bahasa Indonesia and English

Tafsir Keris - Kris: An Interpretation

Tafsir Keris – Kris: an Interpretation‘ is Toni Junus’ new book, which was published on the 24th of October 2012 at the Keris Kamardikan Exhibition in the National Museum in Jakarta. Indeed, the scientific approach in the field of ‘kerisology‘ revealed in this book is very unique. The extensive research conducted by the author has resulted in the publication of a highly informative and eductational study on the keris. There are many high quality pictures included, and the lay-out in general is extremely neat; just as you might expect from a academic work. It has the English and Indonesian text and Javanese translations side by side, with footnotes for reference at the bottom of each page.

Tafsir Keris - Kris: An Interpretation

Toni Junus cleverly combines both the tradtional and modern interpretation of the keris; as such, various views on the subject are discussed – from rituals and offerings to art and craftsmanship. Topics like mysticism, esotericism, spirituality, philosophy, art and culture are all dealt with in a very systematical order. And what is perhaps yet even more interesting, is the fact that there are so many internaternational literary sources (English, German, Dutch, Sanskrit and Javanese) consulted and quoted. Thus, it seems that with this professional and scholarly approach Toni Junus has achieved to set a new high-level standard for contemporary publications on kerisolgy.

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