Sundanese Talismanic Ring with Brown Brecciated Jasper Stone to divert Potential Dangers


As a variety of chalcedony, jasper is deemed an elemental substance of special importance in Indonesian magic. Jasper gemstones are used by traditional shamans (dukun) throughout the archipelago. Due to the mineral richness these gems have a strong connection with the Earth, allowing mystics to tap into the stone’s metaphysical energy for the betterment of one’s life in regard to health, wealth, and happiness. The black veins running through this brecciated jasper are formed by the mineral form of iron oxide; i.e., hematite.

Brown Brecciated Jasper Stone

Hematite, in its natural and rough form, is sometimes also referred to as badar besi – one of the most desirable amulets of all. The black lines create a clear contrast with the brown background of the oval-shaped gemstone. This unique pattern resembles that of camouflage, whilst its natural color looks similar to that of the earth’s soil. Therefore, when a person has become the target of unwanted attention, this talismanic ring is believed to help him or her remain unseen or unnoticed.

Brown Jasper Talismanic Ring

The magical power of the amulet enables the wearer to evade certain people or authorities s/he does not want to face. Hence, when such people (e.g., enemies, adversaries) approach, the jasper gemstone will confuse them by the mystical power of its conspicuous pattern, thereby allowing the wearer to escape quickly. Likewise, one will be able to divert potential dangers, because wearing the ring also means that one can enjoy the benefits of the stone’s power of protection.

Indonesian Amulet featuring a Genuine Jasper Gemstone

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