Sumptuous Brass Amulet empowered with Holy Quranic Prayers for Righteous Living


All the saints and sages from the past have emphasized the importance of proper ritual worship, especially regarding the performance of sincere prayer. This is because prayer is considered the fruit of righteousness. Properly performed prayer is therefore believed to effectively invoke God’s grace, which, in turn, brings love and prosperity. Thus, it is common knowledge that sincere prayer promotes righteous living. That is to say, those who faithfully observe their daily prayers and supplications will plant thereby the seeds of his or her future happiness.

Quranic Prayer Plaque

This sumptuous brass amulet, then, serves as a practical means of spiritual recollection, encouraging the wearer to observe his or her religious duties at any given time or place. Moreover, due to the high-quality brass material, the amulet is remarkably durable. Indeed, it is not a secret that this type of amulet has an incredibly strong ability to withstand wear and damage. In fact, brazen amulets and talismans are generally known to stay in good condition over a long period of time. Therefore, any kind of mystical object that is made from sacred brass is typically considered the most suitable for everyday wear.

Quranic Prayer Plaque made from Sacred Brass

On top of that, there is the belief that the conscious act of dhikr (remembrance) activates the hidden (i.e. occult) powers of the holy Quranic prayers which are embossed on both sides of the sumptuous brass amulet. In this way, the metaphysical properties imbued within the brazen amulet can help the believer to receive mercy from God, so that s/he will be delivered from judgement. Instead of judgement, he or she will receive – by the grace of God – a myriad of blessings for nearly every occasion in regard to personal, social and professional development.

Quranic Prayer Plaque Amulet

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