Sumatran Magical Scroll with Effective Powers to Attract Windfall Luck


Since time immemorial Sumatran magic has played an important role in the Malay archipelago. The Indonesian island of Sumatra is the home of several reputable dukuns and bomohs. Among the many mystical objects made by Sumatran mystics, the magic scroll is by far the most popular amulet of the region. Through the course of time, the ancient tradition of making magical scrolls spread to Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. Ironically, nowadays the Sumatran magic scroll is made only by a very few adept masters who inherited the occult knowledge from their ancestors. Hence, the Sumatran magic scroll has become a somewhat of a rarity since authentic Indonesian amulets of this kind are seldom found these days.

Sumatran Magic Scroll

This particular magic scroll is made according the traditional methods as practiced by Sumatran dukuns of the past. This also means that the amulet is given an additional empowerment in the form of a traditional consecration ritual. Furthermore, the dukun performed a specific magical spell in order to bless the amulet with additional mystical properties which will bring the owner windfall luck. Thus, the person who wears this mystical object will soon notice a significant improvement in his or her life. It may seem as if the odds are always in your favor.

Sumatran Magical Scroll

Indeed, the Sumatran magic scroll will help the owner to maintain in an auspicious environment at any given time and place. In this way, then, the powerful blessings of the dukun will continuously bring the owner blessings of good luck. This makes it an powerful amulet that can be used for several different purposes. For instance, the esoteric powers of the Sumatran magic scroll can improve one’s business by generating more profit. It is, however, also possible to use it for increasing one’s chances at winning in gambling and lotteries. Aside from material wealth, the amulet can also bestow blessings of peace and happiness upon the owner and his or her loved ones (e.g. partner, family, friends, etc.).

Sumatran Magic Scroll - close up

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